Sunday, January 29, 2012

L-V Creations (My talented Auntie's Pottery)

I just wanted to take this time to pay homage to my auntie Elvie Anderson (aka L-V - the artist). She's my mom's sister and a very talented ARTIST. Below are some photos of pottery creations that she's generously given to us througout the years.

She's created quite a bit of mugs for us through the years - here's just a few.

She's created numerous bowls like this one.

Just one of her bowls or planters

One of her "earlier" pieces - a vase

One of her later pieces of vases

My aunt is deeply religious - and it shows in her artwork. This is a one of kind candle holder with the virgin mary on the front.

A ceramic basket - my mom uses it as a recipe card holder.

Here latest piece and gift to us - It's shaped into the form of a palm leaf and has many uses in the kitchen. Originally we used it as a serving dish for one of the dishes last christmas. For now - it's on our kitchen table holding fruit, snacks and all sorts of things. It's unique and beautiful.
As you can see - my aunt is one creative and talented lady eh?... Her other passions besides pottery is BEADING. She loves to create earrings and bracelets.  (And throughout the years she's gifted us with quite a bit of her creations)   She does sell her creations - sporadically when she finds the time - mostly during christmas at the craft fairs etc.  But if any of you are interested in any of her creations - she does take orders.  Pricing - I'm not sure what she charges for her creations. ;) - well - just email me if you'd like more information. (

Anyhow that's all for now. Haven't really been "creating"... all my energy right now is going towards WORK... It's been one busy month of January - and it's almost OVER!!!... I do have some projects that I've put on hold - I want to throw a bridal shower for my co-worker (have ideas for favors and games )  and am also brainstorming with my cousin about her daughter's upcoming Graduation party this August... So my creative juices are still flowing... just need to have more time in the day. (I can't compromise my Korean Drama time!!! ha ah ah!!)

Till my next post - J