Thursday, December 22, 2011

December is one busy month!

Greetings all.... it's almost Christmas... Can you guys believe it? This was one busy month for me - besides WORK being busy as usual - I've been busy CRAFTING. ;) I did my Xmas Shopping EARLY this year (and previous years also) - but still needed to CRAFT a box to house my little goodies. Below is a photo of the EXPLOSION gift boxes. They were fun to make - just use a 12 x 12 scrapbook cardstock paper, Sc at 4" each of  and decorate.

This is how it looks when it's opened - doesn't it look like it "exploded?"

I "fit" little goodies for da girls at a Xmas Brunch last weekend. Hope they liked it.

A little goodie box for guess... Brandie ;)

This is how it looks opened.
Last but not least - I had a Christmas Brunch that I attended last weekend at Hale Koa. Met up with the "old" Gang at STAT LAB. It was nice and fun CATCHING up about old times and what's new with them. MISS THEM.  Anyhow - made some White Chocolate Covered OREO lollipops with CANDYCANE sprinkles. I finally got to CREATE something with my chocolate fondue pot that my hubby gave me for xmas one year. (yay).

I hand dipped 50 of these night... i stayed up LATE... (I actually worked that same day...came home...watched korean...then decided to make them... bad decision - I stayed up till 2 a.m.) - didn't realize I had to "set" the lollipop stick in the cookie FIRST before dipping them... Then let them SET in the fridge AGAIN so that I may WRAP them up...So thus - I stayed up till 2 a.m. THAT's what you call L.O.V.E.!!! (or INSANITY... ha ha ha)

It's actually YUMMY and nice to look at.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Santa Puzzle Pin

Hello - been busy -... had a week off - yay...!! - (back to work Tuesday).
  MADE - Christmas Santa Puzzle Pin.
I have TONZ of puzzle pieces that are just sitting and collecting DUST. (literally)... I get into these moods where I just wanna buy a 1000 piece puzzle of anything - thinking that we'll finish it as a FAMILY... (I just bought a 1000 pc puzzle of the LAST has yet to be opened... ) Anyhow - I couldn't throw away the pieces - so found this project on the net. Painted the santa face - cut up some flower pieces using my FLOWER DIE for the cuttlebug, got some leftover pin backings - and VIOLA! - my next craft project.
I'll be handing them out at work - just the GALZ ofcourse - coz the GUYS won't where "pins"... yah know.

Below are the photos....

Larger view.

I made Reindeer Puzzle Pin years ago when I still worked at STAT LAB.

This one was a little harder to make - more gluing of the yes, the nose, the ears
and the bead.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas...(Yah it's not even THANKSGIVING yet )

Every year I get an early start on CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ... usually I do it right before thanksgiving - and this year is not any different. Yep I'm DONE... (well my dad set up the christmas lights on the windows, the doors and the yes ... our house is the house that looks like it's on FIRE)... Anyhow - this year we have a WHITE christmas tree (coz our green xmas tree finally died 2 yrs ago...)  and our OLD cardboard chimney, which has been used for ALMOST 20 yrs now... (seriously - it's TOTALLY worn out... tape everywhere... but it's still STANDING!.) The theme is - RED and SILVER (as you can tell...) Believe it or NOT - decorating is "healing and therapeutic" for with my usual CRAFTING sessions. (that reminds me... I've got some stuff to post...when I'm done ofcourse.)  

Our White Pre-lit Xmas Tree!

Our Trusted Cardboard Chimney - it's nearly 20 yrs old!

Past PErsonlaized Ornaments

Ian - posing as usual..
Our newest Xmas ornament 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Box Cards for Fall

Been creating - and Thanksgiving is coming around the corner...Busy month...ALOT of eating involved...

Anyhow - had time to create these Box Cards. . Actually I wanted something to hold my son's wallet sized photos in a "unique" way. I found a tutorial on line and tried it... It was fun and easy. Made a few and also made some envelopes to house them.

I made a Birthday Box Card also - Eden's birthday is in early November..

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween - I'm baaaak...

Hello - it's been awhile since my last post...and for those of you who know know that I've been dealing with some issues at home... So basically - I didn't have the time to spend de-stressing with my "crafts"... Instead - I've been just STRESSING (straight up...) Anyhow - I decided I'd do some crafting and some cooking (coz the stress in my life will still be there tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so forth) - so below are some photos of what I've been up to.
Made Potato Chip Mix - (courtesy of a recipe from JEnn - thanks girl)

Yes... I know in my last last post - I "claimed" that I wouldn't make any more goodie bags for my son's elementary classes...well.. I LIED!!! (ha ha ha)... these are just "snacks" that are in a "bag"....

OFCOURSE I made EXTRA for my "peeps" at work. (my "other" children I should say... ha ha ha) Hope they like it.

Made 1 craft - a pumpkin basket out of my Pillow Die template. The mouth is all messy - I couldn't "hide" the glue (as u can clearly tell..) - but I like how it looked like it had teeth! Anyhow This goody bag was for my neice Bella - hope she likes it. (I hope her mom doesn't get too mad that I put some SUGARY, bad stuff in there for her to chow down on...well it's Halloween after all!!!)
OKAY - I feel a LITTLE better now that I got to do some crafty stuff.... I swear I'll go "bonkers" if I don't.. Hopefully it doesn't take me 2 months again for my next post... I have all these IDEAS just brewing in my mind...                                                                                HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Shower Gift

Made a 3 drawer Card Box for a baby shower.

I enclosed some baby gifts in each drawer.

Made a little personalized keychain with her baby's name on it. I hope she liked it.

           Hope she enjoys mother hood

Monday, August 8, 2011

Gift Bags & Boxes

I'm always looking for "new" ways to wrap my gifts to friends. Here are some ideas below

It's a little bigger than a brown lunch bag - but same concept
I had FUN making these.. he he he... I believe they are "Domo" like inspired....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday, Graduation, Sympathy Cards

It's been a busy August. Do you realize I  know of  7 people celebrating their birthday just the 1st week of August alone? (3 friends, my mother & sister-in-law and 2 aunties!!!) Anyhow the CREATIVE bug hit me and decided I wanted to make these JOY FOLD Cards. 

For Susan - she likes "mice"

For Sharla - when her hair is long - it kinda looks like this.

For Delz - she kinda looks like this - he he he

2 Highschool Graduation Parties I was fortunate to get invited to. Below are the cards.

Sympathy Card (money holder)

The Front of the card 
Inside of the card (has a pocket for money) and needed to create an envelope

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Cards 2

Birthday- Z-card
Birthday card - Z-fold
Precious Moments Z-fold card

How the card looks when you open it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

PAST Goody Bags for Ian's Class

This was a past easter goody bag for Ian's Class

Close up - each packed with a pack of easter egg gums & sugar straws

This was a goody bag - milk carton for Ian's class  last Christmas.

Close up of it.

Yes there were MANY, MANY more goody bags that I made for Ian's class... this are just a few I didn't get to post yet. Come next school year... no MORE goody bags... he's going to be 4th grade ... so he's getting too OLD for the goody bags... Hmm... but when his birthday roles in 11/22 - I think I might make goody bags...(I can't resist... it's his birthday... we need to celebrate it!)...

Monday, July 4, 2011


Got a chance to make a card for Irene - she's RECUPERATING from her surgery at's been a month already.  We all miss her at work. Trying to get everyone to sign the card....

Cards from the Past

Just came across some OLDER cards from when I first started doing my papercrafts. They were pretty SIMPLE..since I was just starting out. Decided to post them. (I've given them away already.)

the First set of birthday (pop up kine) cards I ever made.


The inside of the card "pops out".