Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Goody Bags for Ian's Class

Every year I try to come up with NEW ideas for goody bags for my son Ian. And every year it's getting harder and harder...This will probably be the last year for GOODY BAGS! He's 3rd grade and he's a BOY...I know he dreads the holidays b/c he knows MOMMY will make goody bags...(I think he's embarressed! - oh why didn't I have at at least 1 daughter...oh well...hang on Ian - this is the last year.)
Here they are - all 30 of them. (he says there is only 28 students - but rather than have too little - I always make a little more jus' in case!) 

Close up - used leftover scrapbook paper for the topper - ran it thru a crimper added a cute bunny digiclip (got from the net) and tied it on with lavender ribbon (coz for some reason I've got TONZ oft hat color of ribbon? - why I dunno?...)

Easter is jus' around the corner. Hope everyone has a great easter celebration! - till next posting - J

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ligaya's Baby Shower - Invitations & Centerpieces

Wanted a different kind of invitation - saw on the internet several designs - went with the easiest - no buttons in front. Decided not to go with an envelope and added a VELCRO to keep the invitation closed.
The centerpieces. Remember from my last post? I made a similar one that looked like a plant. Because this was a baby shower went with the BASKET PASTEL theme - since it's for 5/1 - right after easter. These were so much fun to make.I wish I had a little girl MYSELF!. (AHHH.. it's NOT the case.)

Just a photo with EVERYTHING together. I hope Ligaya likes it. Congratulations on the impending BIRTH of her NEW baby girl... tentaivly " Hailey" (as foretold by her big sister HANNAH. :)