Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gift for Eden (a Go Green Gift) - Mini Photo Scrapbook

The Front of the Project  

How it Looks like when opened

Once the Tabs are Pulled out for journaling or putting photos in.
Not sure what to call this project. I made it with those EXTRA envelopes that they give with the "free" credit card offers. I've got tons at home so thought I'd make use of it. I got this idea from bits and pieces of many different sources...;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gate-Fold Cards

Front of Card
Inside of Card - left room for co-workers to sign & for the gift card

The Envelope for the Gate-Fold card

The back of the envelope

My Mom celebrated her 63rd Birthday - Oct. 19 - had a FEAST at Makino Chaya. Made the card below - with photos of people she loves. - Me, my hubby, my sons - Ian & Jakob & my dad. Hope she liked it - she's HARD to please.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Halloween Ideas ....

Decided to give these POST-IT halloween holder's for Ian's Teachers

Got the idea from several sites - mainly from Dawn at her blogspot at Dawn Stamping Thoughts

Here's how it looks opened

Ian Stamped this one for his Doctor - hope she likes it

The front design of a CD holder I created for my pal Norma's daughters. ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Goodies

It's Halloween soon and I've been busy CREATING... couldn't make up my mind as to what I wanted to make so basically.... I made them ALL!!! ;)

Close up of the milk carton goody bag-for my neice

Close up of the other Milk Carton Goody Bag-for my co-workers kids
Closeup of the TRIANGLE goody bags- for my son's teachers
Closeup of cellophane goody bag-for my son's 3rd grade class

I thought these were the CUTEST things. They are Yummy Mummy's - I used Hershey's cookies & cream (coz they are white) and wrapped them up with white streamers and dusted them with some brown ink (give them that I've been buried in the ground look.) These I made for my friend's OLDER kids. ;) Hope they like it...
Closeup... aren't they too cute to EAT?...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Been Busy!!!

Two months has came at went...YES I was busy...busy at work, at home, parties, and believe it or NOT - I was busy CREATING...

Card for MJ's last day at work. It's a small tri-cut card that can fit in a regular small envelope.

This is the inside of the -Tri-cut Shutter card  

The Larger Tri-Shutter Card is on the left - that will fit a regular #9 envelope. I made 2 of these sides to make a bigger card.

Another Tri-Shutter Card- for Logan's first birthday - the MIDDLE panel can fit a regular GIFT CARD exactly... ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Altered 4x6 Mini Album

Got these plain 4x6 clear mini photo albums at the dollar store. (99 cents marukai) - decided to JAZZ it up a little. (see below)
Just cut DESIGNER paper to fit (about 4-1/4 x 6 ") and added text and embellishments. VIOLA! ;)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mom's Flowers (again....)

This is NOT  plumeria - no smell...
same family maybe

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gate Fold Birthday Card for Genna - smaller version

This is a smaller version of the gate fold card I made earlier this week. It's like a 4x6 size.

And here's the inside. Her birthday party is tomorrow - so I guess I kind of rushed the card. .... PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT I SAY! ;)

Gift Card for Co-worker

Not sure who this character is - I know it's a Digistamp from Greetings Farm... (I think her name is Angela)
This digistamp character reminds me of my co-worker. ;) I found the original instructions from this website:
Whiff of Joy Blogspot - her creation is smaller than this one - this uses 8x12 cardstock. (email me if you want the dimensions/directions.)

I put a "good bye" sentiment/poem and a note for her to read (it's enclosed w/ her initial) 

This is how the note looks when it is opened.

This is how it looks on the side.

I hope she likes it - I packed it with a few of her fave things - some victoria's secret set of lip glosses, lotion (made with HEMP...not that she likes hemp OFCOURSE!!! HE HE HE), A Roxy Shirt (which isn't pictured) and some recipe cards (filled with recipes of desserts I've made for the staff in the past - which I know she liked...NOT sure if she'll ever make it - maybe she can find someone in Virginia who'll make it for her! - HA...I know she'll do that..)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gate Fold Card - for a Dear Co-worker (and FRIEND) that's Leaving.

Sad to say - one of my co-workers - one of many that have decided to leave the company, has decided to leave Oahu and live in Virginia.  She was a GREAT asset to the company and we are all sad to see her leave. I decided to make a Gate-Fold Card and have everyone sign it to give to her on her last day. (along with a going away gift...hope she likes it. ;)

This is the front - I left the side panels and the inside panels pretty "bare" so people could write their own sentiments.

Didn't have a big enough envelope for this card - it's bigger than a 5x7 envelope... so I improvised - I sealed the 5x7 envelope (just enough so that it could fit this card it's about 6x6 a little over...) then I sliced about an inch off one side - so I could easily insert the card. (like a cd cover.?) - Then I decorated the front .
Hope she likes it!

I wanted to add - that wherever she may go and end up - she'll always be a success - she's got a really good head on her shoulders and a good sense of how people are. (and not to mention - she can do the BESTEST impersonations of people I've ever seen!!! ..)
Take Care and Best Wishes!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fathers Day 2010

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you dad's out there. This year we decided to make a card. With the help of my 2 boys we made a SQUASH CARD. I like making these... only trouble - couldn't find an envelope to fit it since it's about 4 x4 in size... didn't have time to create one. (oh well...)

This is the front. I had some scrap papers that I couldn't bare to throw away - so I cut them into strips and "tried" to make a quilt looking thing..(not sure if I acheived it.) - attached this CUTE surfer digital stamp. (can't remember the  name of the artist - she was Japanese..I know that for sure)...

                                             The inside I enclosed some RECENT photos of the kids (and me...which isn't recent...he he he) I asked (forced) the kids to write some "kind" words about why they liked their dad. 
Ian (my little one) wrote
  • "..thank you for being nice to us.."
  • "...thanks for washing my back..."
  • "...thanks for help with my homework...and m.m.a." (hmmm..need to ask about that)
  • "...I love you Ian..."
  • "...AND stop being mean to me!!!"... (ok wait... contradiction..?...)
Jakob (my eldest wrote):
  • "....thank you for bringing us food to eat..."
  • " is nice to us..."
  • " cooks food and does things for us..."
KIDS are FUNNY... if you don't have any yet... Have some... you'll be in for a TREAT!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Piggy bank (generic) from the $0.99 store (MARUKAI) - embellished with HK design...


Felt like "doing" some crafts the other night - and this is what I tried..

The album fits into the bag.

Here's a closeup of the album I made the flowers with a BIG FLOWER PUNCH and attached several together with a brad. The digital stamp is from an artist Karen Yeun (need to check on that. forgot already)
Got the tutorial from this website : Pieces of Me - Tutorials  (She's talented young lady - her tutorials are very easy to understand and the photos are easy to follow. Wish I could be as good as her ;) PRACTICE, PRACTICE...)

THANK YOU gift...

Here's a THANK YOU for a co-worker. 
(She had given me something that was just way too expensive.-this little gift doesn't compare...but it's made from the heart...hope she likes it...)

The template for the box can be found at this website (tonz of ideas and templates.)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Teacher's Present 2010

Made this cute teacher's desk as a present for my son's teacher. Got the idea from mushiscreativeinspirations
Joined Craft Project Central (April Issue) to get the INSTRUCTIONS. Really easy to make. I NEED to practice more to get the edges creased better. PRACTICE makes perfect. Hope she liked it. I put some Clip Bookmarks, Paperclips, a mini post-it and other "teacher" goodies for her... (The LEAST I could do for being a teacher to my son - he can be a handful...)

Mother's Day Present 2010

Mother's Day came and went...I ALWAYS have a difficult time getting something from my HARD-TO-PLEASE mother... She likes NICE packaging and JEWELRY (real - kind - that is..) - Got some mini - opi lotions for her and also stuffed a set of CUTE Diamond Accent Earring (from Macy's - here favorite store)  in there as well. Found this CUTE carrier at this website... Dandelion Designs

As for me...I'm a MOM too... I got a Mini Scanner - so now I get to scan ALL my pre-digital camera photos...and it even scans negatives into photos! (NEAT-O) - ...(Now I can start on my digital menudo photo album that I wanted to start on!... YES..I said MENUDO...)