Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back from Vegas

       It's been about a week since we returned from Vegas. Still recuperating... from inhaling all the CIGARRETTE SMOKE... my SKIN is recuperating from the dry/cold Air of Vegas as well as from the harsh chlorinated water they have over there. Most especially my TUMMY is recuperating from RICE withdrawal and ofcourse being STRETCHED to the extreme with all the buffets we ate at.... (bleh).... So what did we do when we got back? ... What else?.... we fed our "RICE" addiction with a trip to KURU KURU sushi! (salmon sushi - yum!) Anyhow - it was GREAT to get back to this ROCK we call home... I don't care what anyone says... Hawaii will always be my home... there's no place like it...

Enough of my "speech"... this is a craft blog after all... Anyhow a week without doing any crafts kinda got me down - so I decided to create something... that something were these:.... (below)

Made these 2 for my BFF's - (you guys know who you are - HK freaks! - ;)

This is how it looks like opened - put some photos of us for them.

This TY Hello Kitty beannie is for the both of them (hint - they are NURSES) - picked them up in Vegas. I hope they don't have it yet.
Another bag made for another good friend of mine. "S"

This is how it looks opened. I hope "S" likes it - she's been battling a health issue for some time now. She's been her usual BRAVE and COURAGOUS self... and well - I just wanted to know that I only wish I could be just as strong. (ha ha... I hope if she reads this blog - she'll ACT surprised when I give her the gift...)
Anyhow - it's almost APRIL - was kinda busy helping out for my neice's 1st birthday, invites, favors, centerpieces. The next project will be EASTER GOODIES... (well - Ian won't let me make any for his class) - but I've got neices and co-worker daughters that I can give to. ;)... what to make...

Till next time all'

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Girl's Day 2012

Happy Girl's Day everyone! It's a special day for all the girl's out there. Hope it's a fun day! - Below I made some little goodies for the special "girls" (and not so little girl's) in my life.

Besides it being GIRL's DAY - today is also my 17th Wedding Anniversary. (yes...17! YIKES!) - Where did the time go? It just flew by. It's been one CRAZY ride!!

A little something for my co-workers daughter - she's a pretty bright little girl - hope she likes the japanese doll bookmark, some nail BLING and ofcourse the chocolates.

I made some "extras" for the "NOT SO LITTLE" GIRLS in my life!! ha ha...(for the little girl inside)