Monday, March 18, 2013

March Madness - busy month

March has been busy for me... First and foremost - on 3/3/13 - it was me and my hubby's 18th wedding anniversary. OMG - 18 yrs!! Has it been that long?.. after the first 10 yrs - who's counting right?... We've had our ups and downs... but it has been worth it in the end. (It's been a crazy stressful adventure ... this thing we call - marriage.. my hubby would agree..I'm not the easiest person to live with). Anyhow - I'm glad we are still going strong - he's been a great dad to our 2 sons, he's my companion and best friend ... and ofcourse my "chauffer" to all the places I don't know how to drive too. THANK YOU HONEY. ;)

Notice how my "eyes" look dead... ha ha
The next big even was on 3/5/13 I turned 24... (I mean 42!)... Spent a wonderful day with my highschool peeps (you know who you are) - we had a lovely late lunch at mac24/7 - which incidently used to be Trellessis restaurant back in the day... (specifically - our wedding recpetion was there 18 yrs ago!!!,).. After we goofed off at Funpix hawaii - and had a ball!! Then we went to Panya bakery at Ala Moana to engorge ourselves in pastries... mmmm.. it was great... Then we walked around the EXPENSIVE stores just acting like we could afford the stuffs in there... It was fun! We must do this again!.

I then had 2 baby showers I helped throw - The Favors are below as well as the goodies I gave for them!



MJ - loves big bang theory... iron on these...they were so cute
Then I had some ideas for a friend of mine's who's daughter is turning 1 this year.
 Their theme is Kai Lan - she's a cute chinese cartoon...


Then I had a friend that was a March baby like me - so whipped up a cardstock purse for her with some goodies inside... She liked it. ;)
Then - found out another of my co-workers became proud parents of a baby I whipped up another Baby Card for the peeps to sign and collect some money for the new parents to dote on their bundle of joy.! It's the year of the boy - so far that dept (chem) had 4 boys born!!!OMG.. what it's in the water they are drinking!
Made a set of cardstock purse goodie bags for a good friend of mine - while she leaves the dept .. she has been working in. She wanted a holder for the goodies she's giving her coworkers as she bids a fond farewell!...

Ofcourse it's HELLO KITTY -surprise

Since Easter is just around the corner - I started on an idea for an Easter basket.YEP - it's another Hello Kitty Theme

Lastly - but not LEAST... I've been neglecting my baking/cooking duties - because WELL... I've been way too busy..So finally I tried a new recipe..  Flan Chocolate Cake ; Japanese Cheesecake.


It turned out pretty "flat"... I didn't bother bringing it to work. We ate it all at home... Believe it or not... it was YUMMY!!!... Next time I make it - the egg whites better become stiff peaks... I got lazy trying to beat it for 10 minutes... something must have been wrong with the eggs!!!


Well that's all - for now... in terms of my "crafts"...


One more important thing....


I'd like to take a moment of silence for 2 dear people who are close to my heart that have since passed on... within the past month. First my father in law - Eddie who passed 2/1/13 and dear Gramma Bertha - who passed on 3/2/13...(2 days shy of her 101st birthday)...

May they both rest in peace. We will miss them both so very much...

But their memories will live in our minds and in our hearts.


Iwata Family