Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas 2012

This year is quickly coming to an end! Can you believe it? Xmas is around the corner and 2013 is sneaking up as we speak!!!... Time is speeding by... Anyhow - just wanted to share what chaos I've been up to. Some of you know I've been taking some mini vacay's here and there these last couple of weeks... 2 weeks ago I took another week off.. And well - I didn't go anyhwere - just stayed home doing my crafts and making the house messy. (yah the house needs to be thoroughly cleaned...thus I'm taking another 3 days off... let/s see if that task will be done!) Below is some of the stuffs I've finished... whew...

Just wanted to take this time to wish everyone a merry xmas 2012..I'm thankful I have great friends and family that have been by my side for a long time. ;)
And I'd like to say a prayer of remembrance for those innocent lives
(young and old)
that were taken during the shooting's at the elementary school last week. It was such a senseless crime at a time when we should all be celebrating the holiday season. It saddens me.
It makes me even more THANKFUL that we live Hawaii.....