Friday, May 25, 2012

May Crafts (a few more)

Before we set off on our 1 night staycation at Pagoda Hotel - I thought I'd post a few more of the crafts I've finished.

Another Lei - for a friend getting married

A Small Box Card - to fit a personalized

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lei Creations...

Mayday came and went and now it's on to Graduation!... Below are 3 quick lei's I made up. (literally)
A graduation lei - for Jornalyn (Lorna's daughter) - didn't realize she's graduating from Campbell Highschool this year. My how time flies!!!. This lei is made with orange nd blck curly ribbon that I crochet into flowers then single crochet the fuzzy green yarn. Added a Money Butterfly Origami (as a little "something" for her)

My neice Jasmine is also graduating from Campbell Highschool as well - so I made this money lei -
For some reason I had TONZ of left over orange and black Tulle and ribbon. (hmmm...must be from previous graduation years)... So I tried to use up my materials - added the money origami as "extra". Hope she likes it.

my baby Ian - modeling the lei. ha ha...

Straw maile yarn lei. - I finally made one. I've always wanted to make one. It's actually pretty easy - BUT you need to make 3 strands and wind them together to make 1 lei. (that's the only hard part - and ALSO trying to keep them entwined is TRICKY!) - this one I made for Ian's 4th grade teacher. (hope she liked it...)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flashback while I was Cleaning!

I'm on a minivacay for about 5 days. My parents are due back from a month long vacay from the Philippines in 2 days...So you know what that means?... Time to do some major cleaning. It's been a LONG month... For one thing.... Doing the laundry is the HARDEST thing... I'd rather do a stack load of DIFFS, trays and trays of UA processesing, racks of SEDRATES than do laundry.. It's not as easy as it looks. After doing 4 loads - I wonder... "hmmm...why are the clothes still dirty?...what the heck?..." (so I put it back in the hamper for another try next time. ha ha ha...) Anyhow - I'm going off the point (yet again) - Anyhow - as I was TRYING to clean my room (I have Ian's room to clean as well...) - I found a whole bunch of nostalgic 80'z stuff... Which then got me to REMINISE once again about the past. I decided to take pics since... I work with ALOT of young'ens that have no idea what I'm talking about sometimes...

Found this old PAY N SAVE BAG... remember this store? which originally was PAYLESS store...?

Found this ANCIENT 1/2 folder .... the popular fad back in the day - where we cut the folder in half then decorate it with electrical tape and colored plastic (don't forget to put foil in it too - to get that 80'z effect to it.) I must add - my folder is kinda UGLY... wasn't very good at making it. My cuz Lou had some pretty nice looking ones. (she's craftier than I. ha ha ha - but she's too busy with her life to I do nothing - except work, bake,craft and stay home..)

check out the classic 80'z sticker.. ha ha ha. got this at Summer's Place (at ala moana center - it's LONG gone now). I still have a STICKER FETISH.. it's my weakness. (one of many weaknesses I've got)

guess what I found in that folder? a page of Easter Seals stamp from 1986!!!! OMG!!!

 Then I found these goodies from ancient past - WAY before our digital camera days.
The top photo I do believe is the "Disc" Camera - and the film came in a circle (cool)
The above photo is of th 110 film, 35 mm and slide. We've come a LONG way since then haven't we?. I just look back in amazement... 1986 - 2012... YIKES...

Found this as well in the package - reminder of my crazy MENUDO days. Can you believe this is a small envelope that I hand taped (with scotch tape - didn't have a laminator then....) .... I think I sealed a LOVE letter to Roy in there... it's still sealed from 1986!!!... ha ha... was thinking of opening it.. decided not to.

and ONE more thing....

this is AIR SUPPLY!!! To my "younger" crew that did not know who Air Supply was... here they are in all their 80'z glory.
I swear sometimes... I feel so ancient when I work with them.

Anyhow - no craft post today... I was (supposed) to be cleaning house!! HA HA HA... I've got another day..