Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween - I'm baaaak...

Hello - it's been awhile since my last post...and for those of you who know know that I've been dealing with some issues at home... So basically - I didn't have the time to spend de-stressing with my "crafts"... Instead - I've been just STRESSING (straight up...) Anyhow - I decided I'd do some crafting and some cooking (coz the stress in my life will still be there tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so forth) - so below are some photos of what I've been up to.
Made Potato Chip Mix - (courtesy of a recipe from JEnn - thanks girl)

Yes... I know in my last last post - I "claimed" that I wouldn't make any more goodie bags for my son's elementary classes...well.. I LIED!!! (ha ha ha)... these are just "snacks" that are in a "bag"....

OFCOURSE I made EXTRA for my "peeps" at work. (my "other" children I should say... ha ha ha) Hope they like it.

Made 1 craft - a pumpkin basket out of my Pillow Die template. The mouth is all messy - I couldn't "hide" the glue (as u can clearly tell..) - but I like how it looked like it had teeth! Anyhow This goody bag was for my neice Bella - hope she likes it. (I hope her mom doesn't get too mad that I put some SUGARY, bad stuff in there for her to chow down on...well it's Halloween after all!!!)
OKAY - I feel a LITTLE better now that I got to do some crafty stuff.... I swear I'll go "bonkers" if I don't.. Hopefully it doesn't take me 2 months again for my next post... I have all these IDEAS just brewing in my mind...                                                                                HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!..