Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas...(Yah it's not even THANKSGIVING yet )

Every year I get an early start on CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ... usually I do it right before thanksgiving - and this year is not any different. Yep I'm DONE... (well my dad set up the christmas lights on the windows, the doors and the roof...so yes ... our house is the house that looks like it's on FIRE)... Anyhow - this year we have a WHITE christmas tree (coz our green xmas tree finally died 2 yrs ago...)  and our OLD cardboard chimney, which has been used for ALMOST 20 yrs now... (seriously - it's TOTALLY worn out... tape everywhere... but it's still STANDING!.) The theme is - RED and SILVER (as you can tell...) Believe it or NOT - decorating is "healing and therapeutic" for me..as with my usual CRAFTING sessions. (that reminds me... I've got some stuff to post...when I'm done ofcourse.)  

Our White Pre-lit Xmas Tree!

Our Trusted Cardboard Chimney - it's nearly 20 yrs old!

Past PErsonlaized Ornaments

Ian - posing as usual..
Our newest Xmas ornament 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Box Cards for Fall

Been creating - and Thanksgiving is coming around the corner...Busy month...ALOT of eating involved...

Anyhow - had time to create these Box Cards. . Actually I wanted something to hold my son's wallet sized photos in a "unique" way. I found a tutorial on line and tried it... It was fun and easy. Made a few and also made some envelopes to house them.

I made a Birthday Box Card also - Eden's birthday is in early November..