Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OCTOBER - Fall is here!

It's been 5 months since my last post. And it's NOT that I haven't done anything since May - but mainly because I've been too busy. 
FIRST OFF - JULY - we had a DLS company picnic spent at SEA LIFE PARK. My kids enjoyed themselves - as I did as well. (It's been awhile since I've been out in the sun for that long!) 


Catching up with my CROCHETING.... Yoda hat for hubby and a cap for IAN bear.

 A baby blanket and 2 hats for Sam's baby boy who will be born soon - like maybe NOW!!.
                                                   (OCT 2013)


Sometime in September - for a FEW of us - we celebrated the August birthday babies - at a luncheon at MAX's of Manila Restaurant. It was fun!
White Chocolate oreo Favors - for the Leo zodiac birthday gals

Napkin folded cards for the 3 birthday girls

Collage of all the fun we had for our outing.

Spent some time with my BFF's from my "hanna butta" days. We celebrated Deliah's & Lou's (my cuz) 23rd (ha ha) Birthday at 53 by the Sea. (formaly JOHN DOMONIS). It was GREAT! Pricey but worth it!


All SMILES after our first experience using a BIDET

Birthday girls blowing out their candles! (make a wish!)

POSING... poor waiter took our pics inside and outside of the restaurant.

the NOM NOM's we ate... oooh they were tasty!... but oh so SMALL! (no rice!)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST - We are having a FAREWELL party at Tsukiji's on 10/6//13 ..3 of our valued employees are leaving the CORE lab ohana!
2 cards - zig zag fold?

 Favors - simple but to the point! haha


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