Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May Mayhem - Another Busy Month

Hello - I'ts been 2 months since my last post. I've been busy as usual with work - mostly... Oh and May marked my older son - Jakob's 16th birthday, my dad's 68th Birthday and my 16th year as a mother for mother's day. ;)

Below are some of the projects that i've completed and some special events in my life...
Another special card for a co-worker who just recently decided to take the PLUNGE - the marriage plunge! Haha he's in for an adventure! Good luck to yah both!

A special card to celebrate the birth of a new baby boy for another one of my co-workers. It was the year of the BOY in 2013!

Some creating of cards from my Sillouhette Cameo - I'm still learning - but I just love it! I already ruined that sticky mat that comes with the machine - so oh-well I put in for another order. Be on the look out for more CREATIONS.!

At work - we had a craft fair bake sale - my talented friend SHERA created these yarn crosstitch goodies and I made the minibag.
Baked some goodies.
More pics of the mini bags and an idea for a recipe holder.

Went through this "duct tape" obssession - made these zippered bags with duct tape. It was fun while it I have a whole bunch of duct tape....sitting in a pile...waiting for me to use them... (I shall... when I have time again)

Did a FAST create for my friend's daughters 2 yr old bday - just resized a tag on my sillhoutte cameo and viola! A candy holder favor... Simple and easy..

And it's that time of the year again - GRADUATION. I found this idea on QBEE's blog. It was easy and cute.

Did a RUSH job on this money lei for my neice SAM - she graduated from pearl City High School! WE are so very proud of her - Way to go Sam!

In May marked my older son Jakob's 16th birthday - he didn't want a big party - so wwe went to get his BROWS waxed and ae a nice dinner at Farrell's - the food has gotten so much better!

Mother's day came after - and yep I MADE breakfast for my boys... all 3 of them! The middle "boy" is my naughtiest child! give me problems all the time! ha ah -I'm joking.

Mother's Day Dinner - with Frank Delima at the Pagoda Restaurant
It was FUN - Frank Delima Style - loved it!
 Lastly but not LEAST - me and my Mommy. (Kathy) - Pretty as ever - she drives me nuts on a daily basis  - wouldn't have her any other way ofcourse. (that's what I'm used to). She has shaped me into the person that I am today (good and bad! haha)

k- till next time - I'll see you all in another 2 months !


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